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Relevé Dance

Our Story

Our story starts with Miss Pattie and Miss Katie, two names historic to the Erie dancing community and integral to how two dancers became best friends. Our owners got their start dancing at this exact studio and always joked about joining the business one day. Who would have thought that dream would become reality?

At Relevé Dance, our mission is to teach, encourage and nurture our students in their dance classes as well as their day-to-day lives.

At Relevé Dance, you'll not only learn how to dance but what it means to be a dancer. Classes aim to teach the fundamentals of dance but students will also gain poise, grace, and confidence (which they can showcase in our year-end recital.)

So whether you love to express yourself through movement and music or just want to participate in some fun exercise with friends, explore all of the classes Relevé Dance has to offer.

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Relevé Dance Team

Get to Know Us


Miss Emily

Co-owner and Dance Teacher

Having danced for nearly 20 years, Miss Emily is our resident professional ballerina. Attending school at Penn State, she became a member of their elite ballet company, Volé.  Along with performing in three showcases a year, she was also a choreographer.  

During the spring of 2019, she interned at Miss Katie’s Dance Studio and subsequently began teaching ballet, pointe and pre-pointe classes during Miss Katie's final years of business. Although she has studied all styles of dance, Miss Emily's passion has always been ballet.


Miss Lauren

Co-owner and Dance Teacher

Our resident tap expert, Miss Lauren has been making music with her tapping toes since she was four. From yearly recitals and competitions to her pageant career, she has won numerous talent awards for her tap-dancing moves.

A graduate of Gannon University, she was actively involved in their theatre troupe, studying body movement and choreography while also acting as an assistant dance choreographer for troupe performances and musicals.

About: Team
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